Is Intelligent Lighting the Way of the Future?

There are some that believe that lighting just can’t get any better. This is the thinking of many of those that have the convenience of a smart home with a lighting control system built-in. However, the lighting industry will be quick to tell you that what the future holds for lighting is most exciting.

There is a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence that’s being promoted for the future in almost every industry. There is no difference in the lighting industry. Their focus is becoming on lighting that is going to have intelligence almost to the point of being scary.

Auto Adjustments

Imagine being in a room of your home and the light adjusting according to the natural lighting that the room is receiving. The intelligence built into the lighting system will automatically be able to detect how much lighting is needed for the room. It will be done through the ability of lights operating off of sensors that will be controlled by a network.

Lighting Management

The smart lighting systems that are used today allow for a lot of control over the lighting. What is anticipated for the future is that the light bulbs used in the home will be intelligent enough to be able to recognise what people prefer. This brings it into the category of mood lighting.

Future Lighting and Health

Lighting researchers are now putting some of their focus on how lighting is going to be able to be used as a health enhancement. They are using the age-old benefits of sunlight as their learning resource. It may be that those in the future that want to rely on light therapy will no longer have to go to an establishment that offers this. But will be able to benefit from it in any room of their home that they choose to do so.